About Us

Drivenhost is the best at what it does. Founded in 2005, Drivenhost is a independent/privately owned company established in Los Angeles, California, debt free and growing rapidly.

Customer Support

Drivenhost's #1 priority is making sure that all our customers are completely happy with whatever service we provide them. Our team works around the clock, 24/7, online and ready to assist you to the best of their ability in any way possible.

Our Network / Data Center

California Point of Presence



Our Main Datacenter is located in LA. Connected throughout the world via OC192 internet backbone fiber. Over 50,000 square feet of Data Center space in Downtown Los Angeles with where it hosts thousands and thousands of  servers and hundreds and hundreds of telco cabinets. This Data Center operates several networks and interconnects networks via BGP4 via JUNIPER routers. The carrier neutral but Also offers true multi-homed gigabit connectivity with separate Gigabit and or 10 Gigabit connections to Level 3, Savvis, Mzima, Cogent, AT&T, and XO.  Also has fiber to the PAIX and EQUINIX peering fabrics and is located at:  600 W. 7th Street in Downtown Los Angeles - this is where AOL peers in LA and where you can cross connect to nearly any provider.  Its because of this DC that we are able to offer both quality network connectivity with private peering and also offers low cost and reliable network connectivity.

Data Center Tour: ( 600 W. 7th St. Los Angeles )

N+2 Diesel Generator Back-Up

Dual A/B UPS & ATS to Diesel

The Air Filter Room!

The ATS Switch Gear!

30 Ton HVAC for each few rows!

Divergent Fiber Paths to Interduct

HVAC Condenser Water System!

Rooftop  HVAC Evaporators!

Fire Suppression Halon Gas!

Dual Power Grid 50,000 Amps!

HVAC Back-Up Water Towers!

Divergent Fiber Runways!

A Quality Data Center Starts The Mark For Quality Services. You Will Understand When You Personally Experience Our Top Noche Services.